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The Montfort Family 1624: A Narrative

In the beginning
The Roots Deepen
Moving Inland
Into the Wilderness
The Low Dutch Colony
New Venture
Who Were the Shakers?
Rachel Montfort Voris family
Hortincy Voris Hogan descendants
Eight Generations in America
Six Children, Twenty Four Grandchildren and Eleven Great Grandchildren
The Italian Connection
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Welcome Statue of Liberty

New York City didn't look like this when the Monfoort family first arrived.  They saw nothing but trees, sandy beaches, and none of the comforts they left behind in the old country.  The first known Montfort in America arrived on the EENDRACHT from Amsterdam, Netherlands  in late March of 1624, husband Jan, and wife, Jacqueline Moreau Monfoort. 

I am the 12th generation from Jan and Jacqueline Moreau Monfoort and following me is the 13th and 14th generation from the first of the family to arrive in this country almost 400 years ago.  This particular line of the Montforts has not been proven to be related to Simon de Montfort of England  However, the possibility is there, just a prior gap of 300 or so years to figure out how he might be related to the earliest known of our line, dating from Brisse Monfort born about 1572 a resident of Valenciennes, France. 
Jan and Jacqueline resided in what is now New York, but their descendants would move into New Jersey, then to Pennsylvania and on to Kentucky by 1780.  They would become closely tied to the Low Dutch Colony in York County, PA, moving with them to Kentucky.  A number of the Low Dutch, including several of the Montfort descendants would join the Shaker religious colony in Pleasant Hill, Mercer County, Kentucky in 1805-06, among the first to join the communal religious group. 
It is my hope to correct errors found in several publications and online about my line of Montforts, with sources listed to prove the errors. 

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