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The Montfort Family 1624: A Narrative

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Moving Inland
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Six Children, Twenty Four Grandchildren and Eleven Great Grandchildren
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Peter Monfoort 1689-1780

Peter, the first born son of Jan and Ida Brinckerhoff Monfoort was born on the farm on Long Island about 1689,  He married at the age of 25, Margrietje Haff, daughter of Lourens and Kniertje Meet Haff.  They married about 1714 and lived on his farm in Oyster Bay until 1723, when he sold it to his cousin.  Peter served in a company of soldiers commanded by Capt Samuel DIckenson in 1715. 
Margrietje Haff was born about 1694 probably at Gravesend, Long Island, New York. 
After the death of his father, Peter, as the eldest, managed his fathers estate and took care of his mother.  The family belonged to the Dutch Reform Church of Jamaica and contributed to the salary of the ministers of this church. Peter also gave money toward the construction of a new church buildling in 1715 and was elected as Church Master in 1716 and again in 1720.  Religion was a high point in the life of any of the Dutch and French Huguenot settlers in the new world.  
All but two of the 9 children of Peter and Ida would be baptized at the church in Jamaica.   Their children were, 1.Ida who would marry David Van Duin,  2. Jan who would marry Kniertje Marston,  3. Kniertje would marry Joost Schamp,  4. Sara who would marry William Graham, 5. Lourens who probably died young, 6. Peter who would marry Joanna Langstraat, 7. Jacob who would marry Jannetje Nevius, 8.Abraham who would marry Neeltje Voorhees and 9. James who would marry Lea Banta. 
Peter decided to make a move inland about 1731 and left Queens County, Long Island to settle in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.   With his brother in law, Dirck deMott, he bought land in Reading Township ending up with about 1000 acres of land by the end of 1731. 
Moving to New Jersey with Peter were his brother in law, Dirck deMott who was married to his wife's sister, Styntje Haff deMott and another in law, Lourens Haff, his wife's brother.  All of them would join the Kerke over de Noord Branch, now called the Reformed Dutch Church of Readington, in October of 1733.  Again the importance of their religion is evidenced by Peter being elected Deacon on several occasions and serving as a elder in the church, as well.  He and his brother in law were active politically in Hunterdon County.
Margrietje Haff Monfoort died sometime after the first of May in 1738 and Peter would take as his second wife, a widow, Mrs. Styntie Williamson.  This marriage took place sometime in early Aug 1748 and was the third marriage for Styntie. 
Descendants of Peter qualify for the Flagon and Trencher Society by his ownership of a tavern in Reading Twp, Hunterdon County, NJ.  It was operated by him from about 1766 until his death in 1780. 
The last will and testament was written by Peter when he was in his 80's, in 1780, stating he was in good health, of sound understanding and memory.  He did not die till May of 1780. outliving both wives and several of his children.  It is assumed his burial was carried out according to his wishes, "without pomp or state."

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